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Low Maintenance - Micro Aquarium

Aquababies aquariums

AquaBabies exist in a perfect ecosystem.  The tiny fish, aquatic plant, live rocks, and natural water share their habitat in balance and beauty. Here's a picture of a happy three year old AquaBabies family.

AquaBabies contains hardy fish species that are grown specially for small aquariums and live comfortably from 60-85o F.  If properly cared for, cleaning is seldom necessary.  (3-4 times a year) Use only bottled water.   Feed the fish only a small pinch of food once daily or every other day through the hole in the top using the tip of a toothpick. (See instructions.)

Aquababies aquarium fishAquaBabies Aquariums are unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduation, or any special occasion.Aquababies aquarium frog   They are great in the office, on a table top, by a hospital bed or any other small area in which a living water ecosystem might be enjoyed.

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